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Industrial Power Transmission Products

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Century Motors

Century® Motors

Century Motors

The innovative Century® brand has been pioneering the use of electric motors in the HVAC, leisure water and commercial/industrial markets for over 100 years. Century brings cutting edge, high quality and energy efficient solutions to customers all over the world.

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Century Commercial / Industrial

Commercial and Industrial

With the perfect combination of performance and power, the commercial & industrial line of products offers a wide selection of motors to fit your applications.

Century Pool-Industry

Pool and Spa

From the innovative leader in pool pump motors, Century® brand offers a full line of high-quality pool and spa replacement pump motors like the VGreen® line of variable speed motors, the VLink® wireless user interface and the Centurion® Pro replacement motor.

Century HVACR-Industry


It’s easy to take the air in a home or building for granted; that is, until something goes terribly wrong with your HVACR system. We believe that a good HVACR system, along with proper operation and maintenance, are the foundations of high-quality indoor air and long lasting HVACR systems.


Century motors are a leading choice in the Leisure Water Pumping, Residential HVAC and Commercial & Industrial Pumping industries.

  • HVAC - Commercial

  • Agriculture

  • Air Moving

  • HVAC Residential

  • Pumping - Leisure

  • Pumping - Commercial & Industrial

  • Water & Wastewater